The hiring process is fraught with potential disaster since a bad hire can set you back months or, at a minimum, cost you tens of thousands is wages and lost opportunity, so do not enter this process without some thought and planning.  If hiring is only one of your many urgent priorities, execute these top 3 hiring tips and you will significantly increase your probability of a successful hire.


Get clear on what you need this person to accomplish (write it out and gain consensus with stakeholders). Consider what the timeline is and the resources they will need. Most important, what amount of training and direction can you or someone on the team provide? Defining these items will help you identify the key skills, the degree of experience, and the attributes this person will need to be successful.

Also, be realistic about the capacity that you or the team have to work with a new person. The more capacity you have to train and manage, the more opportunity you have to grow talent which, of course, costs less in wages but more in time. 


Talented people with good resumes have choices. Make sure you can articulate and sell the vision and purpose of your organization. Paint a picture of the culture, outline the company and team values, and share about your leadership style.

Also, ask questions to better understand a candidates' motivations and needs. Armed with this information, you can better articulate the value proposition for your potential candidate.


Your eagerness, or possible desperation, to find a good person, combined with the phenomena of first impression bias, are a likely recipe for a bad hire. 

Your natural brain process to simplify the world can and will work against you unless you plan ahead. My advice, don't jump into hiring commitments until you have thoroughly evaluated a person’s fit to your needs and theirs. This does not mean draw out the process, as you may lose them with delays, but take extra steps to ensure that fit and expectations are lined up. Plan your interview questions (to receive our quick planning guide send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to ensure you dig deep into key areas of importance to a person’s success in this role. At least for higher levels, have two interviews (change the setting such as adding a lunch), have another team member interview, and do some indirect and direct reference checks.

I recommend that both parties go in with their eyes wide open (not just hope it will work out).  Get to know what this person’s strengths and challenges are, how your leadership styles are different or similar, how do they manage stress and tight timelines, and how can you best support and motivate them. Our Premierehire SmartStart program helps our clients be successful in this area.

Planning and preparing for the hiring process may seem of obvious importance but, with so many priorities on your plate, it is easy to run out of time and rush to a solution.  Put priority on these top 3 activities and you will significantly improve your hiring success.

Premierehire is also here to help you hire the right people. Engaging us ensures that you only interview top talent, a good process is followed, and every step along the way we provide  our expertise and support to ensure the best person is hired. Premierehire is a boutique executive search and staffing company that helps our clients identify, attract, recruit and retain top talent in a variety of disciplines including engineering, IT, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, analytics, and operations. Please call us for a free consultation on how we can meet your hiring needs or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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