Do you want to stand out, communicate your value, and get the attention of the hiring manager? Then you need to take some extra time and write a cover letter.

A recent survey of 200 hiring professionals by ResumeLab found that 83 percent think cover letters are essential when making their hiring decisions.

Put yourself in the hiring manager or recruiter’s shoes.

We have been using video for interviews for a few years now and I have watched many top candidates negatively impact the impression they leave because of simple items that could have been fixed with some preparation. Impressions are formed in seconds so, even if your technical challenges are ‘not your fault’, you might create an impression that even your best interview responses will not overcome.

Top 10 Must-Do preparations for a Video Interview:

If you are new to working with an agency please know that agencies do not charge you a fee if you are referred to or placed at a company. The employer engages an agency to find the type of employee they are seeking and they pay a fee for doing so. Our role as a recruitment agency is to make a good fit to meet the employer’s objectives and the job seekers career goals.

Interviewing – Decisions are made in 10 minutes (or less) so make yours count!

Your interviewer could decide whether or not you will be a good fit within the first few minutes of meeting you so you must be prepared. The adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, is true in interviews and especially so since the psychological phenomenon of first impression bias with a poor first impression is almost impossible to overcome in the short timeframe of an interview.

You need to both impress your interviewer as the talented professional you are and not send up any red flags.  Follow these top industry tips to take your interview from ordinary to, “you’ve got the job!”.

You’ve accepted an offer of employment and you’re excited to move forward with your career. But before you can, it’s important to make a professional exit from your current employer. Maintaining positive relationships with former colleagues and employers is vital to a successful career. You never know who might become an important connection in the future.

 An interview over video is different than the “normal” interview practices, so have a read through our 12 tips to help you nail your next video interview.

Your interview is over, you’ve made the right impression and you receive that all important offer of employment. Congratulations! But the work isn’t over yet. Preparing for an offer is just as vital as the steps that came before it. Your first reaction may be to accept but it is important to evaluate every opportunity carefully before making a decision.

You have impressed them with your resume and probably a telephone interview. Now is the time to shine and ensure you are seen as a good fit, but also to ensure this opportunity is right for you. The questions below enable you to ensure you address the interviewer’s priorities and, after he/she responds, gives you the opportunity to provide an example to demonstrate your fit.

The job or internship search can be an incredibly tough experience and take a toll on “mental health.” There are a few common things that job seekers panic about that aren’t really “bad signs” at all.

One big panic-inducing event is not hearing back for a few days (or sometimes weeks) after an interview. This is the most common situation where people really get into their own heads and cause themselves a lot of (unnecessary) stress.

Think of it this way, you get a similar effect when you start dating someone. It sounds ridiculous but… You go on a great date, you feel awesome about it, you leave, and you wait for a call.

At Premierehire the best way to engage us is to e-mail your resume (in Word please) and a brief summary with:

  • what you are looking for (be as specific as possible),
  • key assets you have to offer,
  • geographic area you are willing to commute or move to

Your opportunity to make a positive impression is not over once the interview is finished. You may wonder if following up with your interviewer is too forward but it isn’t.

Use these tips to be a top contender for any role:

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